Developed with precision and consistency in mind, the Epson SureColor T-series is engineered to produce precise and colourful prints consistently for every project. Using Epson’s all-pigment UltraChrome™ XD Ink and PrecisionCore™ printhead technology, you can be sure of conveying your ideas in the most detailed way possible.

Designed with the engineering profession in mind, the Epson SureColor T-Series ensures that you are empowered to print what you think with stunning quality and precision. Employing PrecisionCore technology, line placement is accurate to within +/-0.1%, ensuring that your blueprints and graphics express what you really want to them to.

Precison and Professional Output
Susperior Precision and Quality

Utilising Epson’s next-generation PrecisionCore printhead and Variable Size Dot Technology (VSDT), CAD documents and 3D architecture designs will be more accurate and colour consistent than ever before, with the industry-topping 10 nozzle lines* per printhead. Print precise lines as thin as 0.02mm with as little error as +/-0.1%, ensuring that you deliver your concept exactly how you want to. The PrecisionCore TFT printhead also removes the need for printhead replacements, avoiding the need to stock up on replacements, effectively providing you with a cost-effective printing solutions.

Remarkable Archivability

In industries that are constantly exposed to various types of enviroments, print have to be durable enough to withstand elemental changes. Epson’s all-pigment UltraChrome XD ink, which has a higher ink penetration on paper, providing you with tested high lightfastness, rub and water-resistant prints, ensuring that your prints can go anywhere you need them to.

Experience extremely long-lasting prints with minimum aging effects*. The Epson UltraChrome XD ink also grants you an accurate referance of previous jobs, and cuts costs by exempting you need to them to.

Unparalleled Versatility

The Epson SureColor T-Series empowers you to produce a variety of prints with impeccable precision on a range of substrates, including 1.5mm thickboards. From architectural plans to maps and 3D renderings, print your required documents with confidence.

Exceptional Productivity Speed

Print documents at outstanding speeds* of up to 2 A1 prints per minute for CAD documents, effectively assisting you in meeting deadlines and ensuring smooth business operations.
* Based on A1 plain paper printed via Speed mode.

Unrivalled Accessibility

The Epson SureColor T-Series features front access for all operations, allowing you to place it against a wall to free up more floor space for your other needs. This enables you to change paper settings and ink cartridges, and to operate the printer’s control panel, all from the front.

Economical and Cost-effective

Enjoy competitive cost-per-page and cartridges sizes from 110ml to 700ml to suit different printing volume needs.

Streamlined Productivity*

With the Epson T-series and HDD upgrade, you are to scan and share over the network or via e-mail, and even store files directly into your document management system. These features effectively smoothen workflow and increase workplace productivity.
* selected model only