Professional-Grade, Full High-Definition LCD Displays Ideal For Digital Signage Applications

The NEC P Series, featuring the 40” P402, 46” P462, 55” P552 and 70” P702, provides a first-class solution for your digital signage applications. Its high contrast, industrial-strength design and Enhanced Digital Signage Technology Suite (DSTS), which boasts more than 30 advanced features, make these displays ideal for 24/7 operation in even the harshest environments. These include airports, public information, healthcare, retail and other areas that require a combination of dazzling images and the highest level of display management. The built-in expansion slot future-proofs your display investment, allowing for seamless integration of NEC and third-party components. Plus, the capability to easily integrate touchscreen technology or protective glass opens these models up to even more applications, including wayfinding and high-traffic areas. The P702’s massive screen turns heads in corporate boardrooms as well as rental and staging applications. Advantages include a wide array of inputs, including DisplayPort, unrivaled control and communication options and enhanced video wall capabilities.

  • Thermal dissipation plate, placed behind the LCD lamps, conducts heat equally across the plate, preventing “hot spots” on the LCD
  • Backlight layer (or lamps) determines the brightness of the display but is also a key heat component
  • Wider air layer allows for increased airflow and improved heat dissipation
  • Heat protection plate, located between the LCD panel and the lamps, provides added heat protection to the panel
  • Panel is sealed, preventing contaminants like dust, grease or steam from damaging the panel
  • Ambient light sensor ensures consistent brightness no matter the lighting conditions, while allowing the user to set the brightness level to a pre-determined lower level in order to automatically compensate and reduce the brightness, thus decreasing power consumption
  • Carbon footprint meter helps track and calculate the conservation of green gas emissions in real time
  • Real-time clock/round-the-clock scheduling allows for advanced scheduling of monitor powering up/down, increasing panel lifetime, reducing power consumption and saving the time and expense of finding and purchasing a third-party scheduling solution