High-performance, LED-backlit LCD displays ideal for corporate environments

Color accuracy that you can trust. The 27” MultiSync PA272W-BK is the new benchmark desktop display for color accurate applications. The innovative GB-R LED backlight provides 99.3% coverage of the Adobe RGB color space while consuming up to 37% less power than comparable CCFL backlights. Utilizing a high performance AH-IPS LCD panel and backed by a 4 year warranty with Advanced Exchange, the MultiSync PA272W-BK will reliably deliver high quality, accurate images simply and beautifully.

Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture configurations allow multiple inputs to be shown on screen simultaneously in order to improve productivity.

The MultiSync PA Series allows for two different inputs to be shown simultaneously, which is useful for multiple computer configurations or even replacing multiple display setups. The same input can also be displayed in a second color space, which is most often used for a quick preview of an output color space (for example, sRGB) while working in a different color space (for example, Adobe RGB). This saves the time used to switch back and forth between color spaces as final editing tweaks are made.

  • Up to 99.3% coverage of the Adobe RGB color space and accurate 100% coverage of sRGB
  • 10-bit HDMI and DisplayPort inputs can use 1.07 billion colors out of a palette of 4.3 trillion colors
  • AH-IPS LCD provides wide viewing angles of 178º
  • 5 completely customizable picture modes provide shortcuts to commonly used graphics settings
  • MultiProfiler loads ICC profiles into presets and also provides keyboard shortcuts for common functions
  • MultiProfiler software and on-screen controls provide access to thousands of color gamut, gamma, white point, brightness and contrast combinations
  • Internal 14-bit 3D lookup tables (LUTs) work with the SpectraViewII color calibration solution for unparalleled color accuracy
  • 10-bit DisplayPort and HDMI as well as DVI-D and VGA inputs connect to most PC and Mac computers
  • Four-way ergonomic stand boasts pivot, swivel, tilt and height-adjustment up to 150mm
  • VESA-standard mounting holes for multi-display setups