Medical X-Ray Film Scanner and Digitiser

Xray Scanning hardware scans Xray Film upto A3 format (12.2” X 16.5”). Thus, this scanner particularly suited for doctors and hospitals, often creating large-scale x-ray images, for example of extremities or thorax. It come with transparency unit for digitising x-ray Film.

Key Benefit of Hardware :

  • A3 flat bed scanner with separate transparency unit
  • Size upto 12.2”X16.5”/310 mm X419 mm)
  • Optical resolution 2400X4800 dpi
  • color Depth : 48 bit (internal & External)
  • Optical density upto 3.8
  • Xenon Lamp : Zero standby time
  • USB 2.0 (High Speed) & Firewire interface
  • Optional Network capability
Software for digitising medical x-rays

X-Ray scanning software has been specifically designed for digitising medical x-ray film. X-Ray images of bones, teeth, heart, lungs and other parts of the human body are scanned reliably and fast using SilverFast X-Ray 8.

The high-quality digital x-ray film copies are ideal for archiving, for illustration in patient meetings and even for diagnostic purposes. X-Ray Scanning Software implements the DICOM standards regarding storage format and communication protocols for digital X-ray images and it cooperates with medical PACSs (Picture Archiving and Communication System).

X-Ray scanning software is individually adjusted to scanner model and therefore is able to get maximum details and the complete tonal range from medical and scientific X-ray film. The intuitive user interface and logical tool sequence, enable even beginners to achieve perfect scans. Beyond the x-ray scan functionality.

Key Benefit of Software:
  • DICOM – Image file format according to DICOM standard
  • UAS Cologne – Long-standing development project with the IMP
  • Individual adjustment – Every scanner model
  • Details and image depth – Maximum detail, sharpness and tonal range
  • Easy to use – Quick and simple to lear