DICOM Supported Large Display Monitor From 42” to 80”

Replacing traditional X-ray film and light boxes with large, DICOM compliant monitors provides a practical overview of medical images from multiple sources and enables integration of the operating room in to the PACS.

Ideal for many medical environments, including:
  • Operating Room (OT)

  • Intensive Care UNIT (ICU)

  • CathLab

  • Surgeon’s Room

  • Conference Hall

  • Meeting Room

Large Display Advantages :
  • Crisp & finer viewable image

  • More efficient than multiple monitors

  • Allows image integration

  • Preset configuration workflow

  • Maximise Physician performance and Comfort

  • Reduce the overall equipment footprint

  • Difference in multi-panel color can be omitted

Advantage OF Large Display over Film BOX :
  • Can operate 20×7 or 24X7

  • Anti Glare Display

  • Uniform Brightness due to DUC

  • Ambient & Human Light sensor

  • DICOM Compatible

  • Support DICOM Blue and DICOM Clear

  • Can be integrated with PACS

Patient Central Monitoring Display:
  • Patient Window display can be customised

  • Displays overview for up to 16 patients on first screen

  • Add 16 more patients with second display (Picture By Picture)

  • Or use 2nd screen for Trend review, Waveform Review, Alarm List, or ECG review

  • IPS PANEL TECHNOLOGY : Provides exceptional image and color quality, with wide viewing angles (1780 horizontal/ vertical) and ergonomic adjust ability and impeccably sharp contrast ratio (25000:1)

  • LED BACKLIGHTING : The LED light source optimizes energy efficiency and allows the monitor to consume less power overall, radiate less heat and be free of hazardous materials

  • DICOM MODE : DICOM mode which allows for viewing of monochrome digital X-Rays, CT Scans and MRI’s with accurate color and precise detail. This mode simulates the results of devices compliant with the DICOM part 14 standard.