DICOM Paper Print Solution For Medical Imaging

Reduce Cost while increasing Capabilities in Radiography Suites

Radiology Department can save time and money while expediting the sharing of exam results among medical teams and with patients.


Paper is the Solution

We can choose to use heavier, glossy-coated papers that look and feel like film. Hard copies of exam results can be easily shared with the patients to take home, referring physicians, insurance companies, or saved in the patients’ files for fast retrieval and reference.

DICOM Modality
Patient Exam
DICOMJet Print Server
Xerox WorkCentre Printer
Hard-copy Patient Exam

Radiologist initiates procedure that creates an image (patient exam).

Image is sent from PACS or modality to DICOMJet print server.

Interprets DICOM instruction and routes image to Xerox WorkCentre Printer.

Hard copy of patient exam is produced on paper.

Exam results are provided to patient, referring physician, insurance company, or other intended recipients.