The right choice for DICOM CD/DVD burning and publishing


Perfect for clinics, imaging centers and hospitals creating up to 100 patient CDs or DVDs per day. It is a dual recorder/inkjet printer solution with CD and DVD production capabilities using the Epson Disc producer, Supports manual and automated disc creation and labelling. A simple & cost effective way to create CDs/DVDs containing diagnostic quality images and medical records. End user view the CD/DVD on any windows PC or MAC without installing additional software (DICOM Viewer included with every CD/DVD). The DICOM viewer’s user intuitive and user friendly interface is designed with the physician in mind.

  • Easy to install
  • Full automated process
  • Tested with Epson Disc Producer
  • Store and burn single patient study
  • Customizable media labels
  • Query and manage production process
  • Query and Retrieve for custom media
  • DICOMDIR directory hierarchy
  • Studies provided in HTML/JPEG format
  • Supports spanning of multiple media for large studies
  • Single patient, multiple study & multiple patient, multiple study media creation
DICOM Network
Logipacs Server
EPSON DiscProducer

Directly burn DICOM CD/DVDs from any PACS or modality use interface.

Interprets DICOM instruction and routes image to EPSON Discproducer.

DICOM data are burnt and Patient information get printed on CD/DVD label using Discproducer.

The patient CD includes a DICOM viewer with different image processing functions. The images can be viewed on any standard PC.