Solutions for Accessing, Storing and Distributing DICOM Images

Whether you are a small clinic or a large multi-site healthcare network, We offers a PACS Archive solution to fit your specific operational needs and budget. Our proven solutions, available in a variety of configurations, offer practices a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for accessing, storing and distributing digital radiology images from various modalities.

NSS’s powerful, standards-based PACS Archive platforms offer healthcare professionals the utmost in scalability and flexibility by readily adapting to the size and workflow of any facility. By supporting bi-directional integration and complying with industry standards (DICOM, HL7 and IHE), our solutions integrate seamlessly with a broad array of third-party compliant systems, modalities and equipment to improve workflow and efficiency. Unlike other solutions, Our PACS Archive solution allows you to connect to unlimited modalities without additional licensing requirements or fees. 

Additionally, NSS can configure our PACS Archive solutions to leverage your existing IT infrastructure and assets to keep costs to a minimum.

NSS’s PACS Archive solutions offer authorized personnel secure, Web-based viewing access of patient images – anytime, anywhere – regardless of their location. Plus, intelligent storage and distribution of images virtually eliminates filing and lost image issues and makes it easier to comply with HIPAA image storage requirements.


PACS Client
  • Send Studies (C-STORE SCU, DICOM Send)

  • Receive Studies (C-STORE SCP, DICOM Listner)

  • C-FIND SCU, C-MOVE SCU (Query and Retrieve studies from/to a PACSworkstation)

  • C-FIND SCP, C-MOVE SCP (OsiriX as a DICOM PACS server

  • C-GET SCU/SCP, Support for dynamic IP Transfer

  • Support for Browsing and viewing any studies stored  in Osirix through the web browser

  • Built in secure web server for data encryption

  • Built in TLS DICOM listner support

  • Built in security certificate support

  • OsiriX Web Portal support for DICOM image download/upload

  • Excellent cost effective way for adding backup/archive  for your existing CT/MRI Scanner.

  • Time machine can be configured to take incremental backup Time machine can be stored back to PACS Server with out IT knowledge.

  • Web based DICOM Viewer

  • Using standard DICOM protocols patient lists can be queried

  • Particular series or studies retrieved and be displayed as JPEG images in your browser

  • Works with any DICOM server that supports WADO (Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects).

  • Images can be accessible from anywhere and by any browser within network.

  • All OS supports using standard Web Browser.

  • Various search option available

  • Various viewing options available like by series, by Patient, By Grid etc.

  • It Basic functions are available like WW/WL, zoom, presets, etc User can change viewing pane as per Image quality.